Surveys, analyses,evaluations
Management Consulting
Start of subsidiary
Corporate Finance

Surveys, analyses,evaluations

Establishing a company on the French market is an important decision. It requires solid foundations to insure the success, a strategic standpoint, a good knowledge of the market, as well as a concrete establishing plan. Missing out one or several steps in the procedure may lead to bad investments, which at length can prove a waste of both time and money.

Surveys and bench-marking fit in naturally at the initial stage to get a grasp of the market potential, competitor presence and strategies, and to find out how the products/services can best be sold and distributed on the French market. These data are then used as a basis for making strategic and operational decisions.

Further on, analyses end evaluations are efficient means to assure the business development and to solve occuring problems.

Management Consulting

Companies working with export know that different cultures and communication can be a problem. As consultants, we have a long experience of negotiations, audits, acquisitions, start of subsidiaries, reorganizations, human ressources, strategic market planning, sales and distribution or simply solving problems.


Many companies look for distributors or agents in order to sell their products or services in France. We can assist you in finding the suitable representatives and set-up a business plan and efficient communication routines in order to assure a long-term cooperation.

Identification of company profiles
Scanning of suitable companies and investigation on their interests
Gathering of corporate information
Evaluation and negotiation
Elaboration of a business plan

Start of subsidiary

Starting out from global strategy, and specific conditions within the line of trade, we are able - in partnership with our client - to arrange a complete establishing project with internal and/or external resources. We make our customers do the right things. Employ the right people, find the right premises, the right business partners, etc.

We rely on an extended network of collaborators, including lawyers, banks, logistic companies familiar with international customers.

If you wish to set up a representative office, branch office or marketing company at minimum costs, you can initially start by using some outsourcing instead of recruiting people. Within our network, we can provide an address, telephone and fax service, recruitment, sales administration, bookkeeping, accounting, etc. BBF takes care of the coordination and supervision of the project during the first months, our staff can either be consultants during that time or temporary managers and can thereafter set up a follow-up function in accordance with the client.

For major establishing projects, we offer our customers a more thorough study, in order to find the best possible geographic location. Recruitments get an essential role as the size of the establishment requires own staff for administrative and financial tasks.

Corporate Finance

Some companies want to enter the French market rather quickly and have the possibilities to do so. One way is to acquire or merge with another company and another way can be to enter a joint venture with a French partner.

We can offer our assistance in both cases with our vaste network of contacts and partners :

Strategy discussions and determination of potential acquisition profiles
Identify companies and investigate on their interests
Gathering of corporate information
Coordination of evaluation, negotiation and complete due diligence*
Follow-up and integration services

We also offer our services to companies that want to sell their business or find investors.

*For legal and financial due diligence we use our network of chartered accountants and lawyers.


Problems can occur with the distributor, agent or in the subsidiary. The causes can be many : problems with communication, reporting and control, bad motivation, culture and language differencies, illegal matters, changes in owner-structure, limits in knowledge, changes in market conditions, not appropriate staff, etc.

With knowledge and many years of experience BBF can evaluate the situation and find an appropriate solution. It can sometimes be enough with minor changes, but in some cases it demands a major reorganization. In order to carry out the project our staff can either be consultants or temporary managers.

Various evaluations
Financial and legal audit*
New market and sales strategy
New routines
Implementation of new functions
...and many other solutions.

*Chartered accountants and lawyers in our network if required